Web app development

Can we build you a web application? Some of the world’s most successful applications are web based. The Company-X men and women can help you go cloud-first. Our expertise includes online retail, real-time dashboarding, global manufacturing, knowledge management, and instant messaging services.

Mobile app development

Have you got an app for that? The Company-X men and women develop apps for mobile devices. Our mobile apps can be pre-installed on your team’s devices, or sold in the Apple Store or on Google Play. Our developers consider screen sizes, hardware specifications, and configurations across platforms.

Software integration

Are you making the most of your software systems? Company-X can get your different computer systems working together to give you the full picture of what’s happening in your business. We can also integrate with your hardware systems.

Business analysis

Find a solution to your business problem. The Company-X men and women have the business analysis skills to help with software solutions designed especially for your business. Our capability also includes process improvement, organizational change, information management, strategic planning, and policy development.

Systems design and architecture

Need a new system? Systems design is the process of defining the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements. The Company-X men and women define and describe, with diagrams, models, and in simple English, the architecture of the new system being delivered for a specific solution.

Database design

See how your data can work for you. The Company-X men and women produce data models and schemas, including design choices and physical storage parameters, you can understand. Our data models can be used to create databases that will meet your requirements and service your business.

Voice recognition

Do you need your software to listen, understand, and take action? Voice recognition can enhance the user experience and improve interaction with your software. Company-X can help you harness the power of the voice in your software.