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About Us

Get the X-Factor

Company-X has a core focus on what directors David Hallett and Jeremy Hughes have always done best - solving common and complex business problems and making it look easy.

'Making it look easy' is how we create an enjoyable software development experience for you. A software journey, if you will (though we hope you don't mind if it's on a bullet train). Our understanding of company cultures, business models and marketplaces means we're not just focused on the destination, we know exactly what to pack to make the most of it when we get there.

This approach is what puts the X in our company name. X marks the spot where software savvy collides with street smarts to give us the X-factor. We focus on real relationships, real business environments and real possibilities to give you real solutions.

With IT careers of over 20 years each, between us we've done everything under the long white cloud. We have contracted to businesses and organisations across industries, sectors, the country and the globe on software architecture, design, applications and specifications... stop us when it gets boring! We've been around the block, got the t-shirts, worn the t-shirts around the block, and now they're so full of holes our wives have chucked them out.

You’ve come to the About Us page, but Company-X isn’t about us. It’s about you.

Your business. Your people. Your opportunities and challenges.

So whether you want to revolutionise your industry or just take care of business, give us a call. We can solve it with software.

We’re ready, are you? Contact us today.